Livecoin Review & Tutorial

Welcome to my short buying and selling tutorial for Livecoin, a professional crypto Exchange you can use to trade Adzcoin and other currencies! Watch this video for a step by step guide :

Create a free account … Click here!

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Now lets have a look at Livecoin, the crypto exchange!

Just follow these steps in order to buy Adzcoin (Or any other altcoin) at Livecoin :

1. Create a free Livecoin Account if you havn´t already by clicking here!
2. Log into your account after verifying your email!
3. Click here while you are logged in to visit the depost page for USD! (Or click on Balances and on the + Sign beside USD)
4. Deposit Some USD using Okpay, Payeer, Perfect Money or Bank Transfere!
5. Now visit the trading page and search for ADZ in the search field, afterwards you should have to choices : ADZ/BTC and ADZ/USD, choose the last one!
6. You now have several options to buy some Adzcoin, you can create a pending order at a price you prefer (Cheaper as Actual) and hope that the price will decrease the next time, as soon as you price level is reached, the system will purchase the amount of Adzcoin you ordered. Or you can instantly buy at market conditions. Keep in mind that there is no gurantee that your choosen price level is reached if you buy using a  pending order!

7. After you bought some Adzcoin its time to send them to your balance or to pay some goods with it, in order to do so you need the target Wallet Address and the amount first! If you want to send the Adz to your Adzbuzz Wallet you can find the wallet Id inside your Adzbuzz account, just click on „My Adzcoin“ inside the top menu and you will see your wallet id!
8. Go to your Balance Tab at Livecoin and search for your Adzcoin Wallet!
9. Click on the Withdraw button and enter the amount and target wallet id!
10. Check your Email for a confirmation email and enter the confirmation code as well as your pincode to confirm the transaction! It will take some time till the adzcoins will Arrive in your wallet!
Paying for products and services works exactly the same way, just another Wallet id and its important to send the exact amount!

Selling Adzcoin at Livecoin

Selling your Adzcoin at Livecoin works exactly the same as buying, just the opposit direction! You first need to deposit Adzcoin at the Balance page, afterwards you can sell instantly at the actal market price or you can create a pending order in order to choose the price you want to sell your Adz for!

1. Create a free account at Livecoin if you havn´t already by clicking here!
2. After confirmation, log in and visit the balance page by clicking here!
3. Search for your Adzcoin Wallet and click on Deposit!
4. Copy your wallet address and head over to Adzbuzz (Or wherever you got your Adz!)
5. Click on My Adzcoin and afterwards on Withdraw inside the left side menu!
6. Past the Livecoin Wallet Address and choose the amount you want to send to livecoin!
7. Confirm your withdrawal and wait till the Adzcoin appear inside your Livecoin Wallet!
8. Go to the trading page at Livecoin and Choose the ADZ/USD or ADZ/BTC market, depending on the currency you want to get for your Adz!
9. Now create a pending order above the market price or sell your Adzcoin instantly at the actual market price!

Tip : Choose a smaller chart timeframe (Between 5 -30 Minutes) and create a pending order at the last top price for example! Depending on the timeframe you choose there is a good chance that this price will be reached soon (Wait for my next tutorial about Trading Adz and Altcoins!)

10. After you have sold your Adz, ensure to go to your Balance Tab and withdraw your money to your Favorit payment procesor or bank account!

As I already laid out in the beginning of this report will the Adzcoin value massively increase over the next few weeks (Learn more about it here), so its a good idea to get some Adzcoin in order to sell them afterwards or use them to buy products or services after the price has increased!

Don´t miss that you can earn Free Adzcoin in several ways :

1. Be active on Adzbuzz to build a following while you earn daily Adzcoin!
2. Install the Adzcoin Savings Browser Extention to get paid in Adzcoin every day by Clicking here!
3. Sell your services using Adzbuzzmarket!
4. Become a Adzbuzz VIP Member and get paid daily Adzcoin (Global Affiliate Commissions)
5. Invest your free Adzcoin and become a Adzbuzzforum VIP to get paid for forum activity!
6. More ways to earn Adzcoin will follow soon!
7. Checkout the Adzcoin Cashback Offers at Adzvault by Clicking Here! (Comming soon)
8. You can use Coinpayments or the integrated Payment-Gate to sell your own products for Adzcoin!

Beside these oppertunities its still possible to mine Adzcoin using your GPU or rented rigs … learn more about this option here!

Thanks for reading this tutorial, If you have any questions, feel Free to contact me though Adzbuzz (benhuebner)!

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