Yobit Tutorial – Buying and Selling ADZcoin

IN this short tutorial I will show step by step how to buy Adzcoin using Bitoins (To Purchase advertsing at Adzbuzz for example or to store them as investment – the ADZcoin value will massively increase in the next weeks and month), and I will show how to transfere ADZcoins fromyour Startpeeps Wallet to Yobit in order to sell them!

Buying Adzcoin Step by Step

Follow the step by step plan below to Purchase Adzcoin on Yobit or other exchanges :

  1. Open an Account at the Yobit Exchange by Clicking Here! Ensure to confirm your email afterwards!
  2. Transfere Bitcoins or other coins like Ethereum to Yobit! Ensure to choose the right wallet for the specifuic coin you transfere to Yobit! Tip: Always transfere a small amount first and wait till it arrived at your walllet! If you transfere other coins, ensure to sell them first on Yobit to get some bitcoins!
  3. Visit the ADZ/BTC page right here to sell or buy Adzcoin!
  4. Enter the Amount you want to purchase and enter the price you want to pay! Attention: If you leave the price as it is, you will directly buy the amount you want or the amount sold for the specific price! If you enter a lower price, your order will be kept till this price is hit or till you cancel your order! This way you can purchase bigger amounts in the case the price goes down again!
  5. Hit the buy button to place your order!
  6. After your purchase is completed, you can send your Adzcoin to your Adzbuzz Wallet, just click on “Wallets” on Yobit and look for the ADZ Wallet, click on Withdrawal and enter your Adzbuzz Wallet ID (Ensure its correct – first send a small amount!) After some time the amount should be visible in your wallet on Adzbuzz!

Selling Adzcoin Step by Step

Follow these steps to sell Adzcoin you have earned for beeing active or you have bought before :

  1. Log into Yobit or sign up if you havn´t already!
  2. Click on “Wallets” on the top and look for your ADZ Wallet (You can search on the right)
  3. Click on “Deposit” and copy the address you will get!
  4. Log into Adzbuzz and click on “My Adzcoin” inside the top menue! Click on Withdrawal!
  5. Enter the amount you want to send to Yobit and enter the Yobit wallet Address! (Ensure its the right address!)
  6. Click on the Withdrawal button and confirm your withdrawal per email
  7. It may take up to 24 hours till your withdrawal is confirmed!
  8. After your Adzcoin arrived in your wallet at Yobit you can visit the Adz/BTC page here and place your order! You can sell ADZ to the actual price directly or you can place a pending order with the price you prefer! As soon as ADZ rises to your defined price, your ADZ will be sold automaticaly!

Beside buying ADZ on Yobit, you also free to purchase ADZ directly inside ADZbuzz in the main tab! This way you can be sure to get the best price possible without the need to purchase BTC first to send it to Yobit to send abck ADZ to Adzbuzz!

If you havn´t already, ensure to take a looka t the ADZbuzz tour to discover how to benefit from ADZbuzz as internet user or publisher! Click here to take your free Tour!