Tutorial – Adzbuzz Publisher Program Setup

If you running a blog or website, I highly recommend to take a look at the Adzbuzz Publisher Program to add an aditional income stream to your website in almost no time! The Adzbuzz Publisher Program pays WebPublisher for content creation, the only requirements are a own Domain and to Adzbuzz Publisher Code implemention (watch the video below). Of course, your website needs traffic in order to generate earnings!

How are Adzbuzz Publisher Program Earnings Calculated?

Depending on the amount of traffic and some other metrics you will earn a daily profit share from Adzbuzz! (I earn approx. 1 ADZ per day from this site, but this site only gets a few visitors per day right now!)

The first step, not mentioned inside the video, is to create a f ree account on Adzbuzz by Clicking Here! Watch the video on how to find your publisher code :

Create a Free account now!

Adzbuzz Communties

Adzbuzz Communties are Fb like Groups associated with a website. 50% of all publisher earnings will be stored inside the community for the community manager (This can be the website owner, but it havn´t too). The community manager will earn for keeping the community active and promoting the website on Adzbuzz (Free traffic for the website owner -Adzbuzz is in fact paying someone for social marketing – how cool is this). You can read more about communities and the Adzbuzz Publisher feature as well as the Adzbuzz exchange inside this Whitepaper!

How to increase your publisher earnings easily?

There are many ways to earn more as publisher! Generating more content and promoting it on social networks as well as Adzbuzz is one proven method to make more from Adzbuzz! Also build a community around your site, make contests, do a little bit Seo and so on.!

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Adzbuzz Publisher FAQs

How much can I earn from the APP? This depends on several factors like your website traffic, your visitors retention, the earnings Adzbuzz generates though several sources and much more…

What exactly does the script I need to add? If you take a look at the right border of this website you will see a little bee icon, this is added by the script. It will also promote Adzbuzz as well as your sites community (will be generated if your website doesn´t have one already). Thats it!

How long does it take to earn my first income? Once a day are publisher earnings determined and added to your Adz Earnings Balance. All Earnigns on Adzbuzz are held for 30 days till they are added to the regular wallet and can be paid out. So you wuill see the first earnings after 24 hours, and you will get your first payment 30+ after your first earnings!

Do I need a Website to earna s Adzbuzz Publisher? No, you also can start your Adzbuzz Blog right on Adzbuzz to start making money as Adzbuzz Publisher. Just ensure to promote your blog posts on your social media accounts in order to get traffic comming in!

How long does it take to add the code to my website? If you are running WordPress, just install tjhe plugin, add your publisher key, and you are ready to go! If you are using another system or a static website just copy and past the 2 code snipplets into the ehader and body of your website!

Are there any downsides? I´m using the Adzbuzz Publisher Program for more than a year by now, and I did not erxperience any negative aspects by now!

Any questions left? just use the comment form below to get your awnser as fast as poosible!