Apply as Adzbuzz Publisher and Monetize your Website Traffic

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Welcome, in the following tutorial “Apply as Adzbuzz Publisher and Monetize your Website Traffic”, I will show you :

  • How to apply for the Adzbuzz Publisher Program in order to earn daily rewards from your webtraffic and get some additional exposure for your website!
  • How to use the Adzbuzz Publisher Tools  to get additional Traffic from Adzbuzz!

Adzbuzz Publisher Invite

At the moment right now, the Adzbuzz Publisher program is invite only, this means you need an invitation key in order to apply for this oppertunity, just follow the steps below :

  1. Visit the Adzbuzz Publisher Site and sign up, just click here or visit :
  2. After the sign up process, sign in and scroll down, below the explanation video should be a blank field for the invitation key, just copy and past my key into this field : a116dc504a4582cd99c57d3779f34303
  3. Click the submit button and your account should be ready!
Adzbuzz Publisher Tutorial

Publisher Tools

Now you should have access to the Adzbuzz Publisher Tools section (Still here : ), lets have a look at their funktions :

Adzbuzzer : This is the Adzbuzz Sharing button. Its similar to the Facebook or Twitter buttons you see on almost everye website! Using this button on your website will make it easy for your visitors to share your content on Adzbuzz, helping you earn a nice extra income!

Adzlink : This little piece of code will add a little icon on the right or the buttom of your website (Just take a look at the right, can you see the little Adzbee?), promoting Adzbuzz, building your downline and getting you paid in adzcoin on a daily basis in relation to your website traffic!

Adznouncer : Here you can post new website content, blogposts or articles to the Adzbuzz voting section (Similar to reddit or Sumble Upon)! If you get a few or even many votes, this can drive massive Traffic to your website for compltely free!

Your Invite Code : You also get your invite code here, so you can invite your friends and contacts in order to earn some referral commissions from their earnings!

How to Add the Adzlink and Adzbuzzer to your site?

Its not as hard as it may seems to add these two add ons to your website! If you run WordPress on your own domain,its dead simple,just install the Adzbuzz WordPress Plugin and add the information needed to set it up (Pub-Key and some design stuff) – Using this plugin you can add the Adzlink, the Adzbuzzer and as bonus the option to directly post new content to Adzbuzz using the Adznouncer!

In the case you use another system, orplain html/php, you simply need to add 2 pieces of code to install the Adzbuzzer and the Adzlink  on your site, ust follow these steps :

  1. Select a template (for the Adzlink) or a static url to share (or leave it empty to share a dynamic url – for the Adzbuzzer)
  2. Click on “Get Code”
  3. Follow the instructions! Copy the first piece of code into your website template, right after the <body> tag
  4. Copy the second piece of code anywhere you want the button or Adzlink to appear! Write a comment below if you have any additional questions!

Still not sure if its worth trying?

There is nothing to loose, except a few minutes of your time! Adzbuzz is alreadya big social network with 100 thousands of active members, growing each and every day. Its brand new and has a unique concept (There is no other social network paying Website owner for good and useful content!), be sure to be a part of it before its mainstream!

Click here to sign up as Publisher!

Invite Key :


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