Adzcoin Browser Extention Tutorial

In this short tutorial I will show you exactly how to  install and configure this browser application in order to earn

Adzcoin Savings Browser Extention - Earn free daily adzcoin!
Adzcoin Savings Browser Extention – Earn free daily adzcoin!

some free daily Adzcoin! One Adzcoin is worth approx. 0.06 USD at this moment, so it really can pay off just for installing a small browser extention! Click here to learn more about the entire concept behind Adzcoin!

In order to use your Adzcoin and the browser extention, you need a free Adzbuzz Account ….. Just click here to create one! Inside this account you will find your Adzcoin wallet you can use to save your Adz or to transfere them to other services in order to buy and sell Adzcoin or buy other stuff paying in Adzcoin!

Ok, after you have created your Free Adzbuzz account, ensure to open this link in your chrome browser and install the Adzcoin Savings Extention!

As soon as the extention is installed, click on the littel Adz icon just right beside the address bar! Click on „adzcoin“ and register for a free account :
1. Choose a Wallet Name (It can be anything you wish)
2. Choose a secure Password!
3. Choose a 6 charakter Pin code to authorisize Transaction!
4. Ensure to confirm and save your password and pin!

You will recieve Adzcoin once per day, just wait till it builds up a bit and then you can start to donate Adzcoin on other peoples Websites or you can purchase some goods in Adzcoin!

You can also check out the Coupons and Special Deals section, there you will find great special offers in the near future!

Also do not miss to add the Adzbuzzer API to your website in order to earn some additional adzcoin!

Or just be active on Adzbuzz and invite your friends to earn even more free Adzcoin for the things you are doing each and every day!