Make Money as Adzbuzz Publisher – Tutorial Series

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As you may know pays the Adzbuzz  Publisher Program blogger and website owner for adding a small little icon to their sites or blogs! If you have done so, you will earn a daily share of the publisher pool on Adzbuzz without doing anything. The only things needed to take advantage of this oppertunity are :

  1. Your Own domain – the Adzbuzz Publisher Program will only pay you if you install the Adzbuzz badge (you can see it on the right just now) ona  site with your  own domain! So blogger blogs won´t work, except you purchase and link your own domain to your blog!
  2. Targeted Traffic – The amount of your daily share will depend on the traffic you are getting to your site! This can be traffic from all over the internet including your advertisments on Adzbuzz for example!
  3. You need to be an Adzbuzz Member and you need to add the Adzbuzz Tracking Code to your Website!Ensure to Sign Up here if you are not a Member of Adzbuzz already! Afterwards you can take a look at the Publisher Tour to discover how to get your code and add it to your website!
  4. You can create a community for your website, this is just like a Facebook group but linked to your website and topic! This community can be used to build a stronger relationship and build your downline on Adzbuzz!

In the following days and weeks, I will post lots of tutorials about setting up your website and using WordPress to manage your content!

So if you do not have a website (or are running WordPress already), ensure to subscribe to my email list here to get lots of useful Video Tutorials about starting your own WordPress Blog with ease!

The Adzbuzz Publisher program alone can generate massive earnings from your blog, without any guesswork – just drive traffic and make money from Adzbuzz – but I will show you in the comming days how to massively increase these earnings using additional income sources as well as how to drive traffic to your websites in many ways!

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If you have any questions or wishes about tutorials, just let me know in the comment section – I will do my best in order to provide you with the information you need!

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