Order Adzbuzz Traffic Packs Tutorial – Get Lifelong Targeted Traffic

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Before i show you step by step how to getlifelong traffic from Adzbuzz and partner sites, let me tell you a few words about this offer :

The Adzbuzz Lifelong Traffic Offer explained

Azdbuzz will launch the advertising system in approx. 1 week and is pre-selling 50% of all generated views to its members!

Each advertising spot will guarantee you 100.000 visitors and will remain for your lifetime! This means if it delivers more than 100.000, you get more! You can also buy more than one spot if you want to!

In the first ad-server version, the advertising will be intext ads, as Adzbuzz is a content curation network so this option will deliver the best type of traffic, later on Facebook like targeting will follow!

Here are the Lifelong Traffic offer features/advantages :

  1. Get traffic for life, at least 100.000 targeted visitors!
  2. Edit and Change your ads whenever you like (one Ad per spot)
  3. No annoying advertising restrictions, advertise affiliate offers, landing pages, cpa offers and so on without restrictions!
  4. High quality traffic from in text ads and Facebook like targeting!

You see, with already 150000 Members on Adzbuzz alone (massively rising right now), just a few weeks after the release to the pulic, this offer will turn out to be very profitable!

Click here to sign up to Adzbuzz and get your traffic package!

Get your Lifelong Traffic Spot

IN order to purchase aLifelong Traffic package, you first need to get some Adzcoin at Livecoin or Yobit!

1. You need an active Adzbuzz account, if you have none, ensure to sign up here!

2. Click inside the leftside menu, under products on the link “Traffic Package” and choose the amount of packages you want to purchase! Afterwards click on the button to confirm your purchase!

trafficpackage3. Make your Payment! In order to pay for your traffic Package, you need to send the amount of Adzcoin to the wallet address shown on the next page! Ensure to send the exact amount of Adzcoin (and exchanger fees if needed)!

4. As soon as your payment is confirmed by the Adzcoin network (takes 30 minutes to a few hours), your traffic package is added to your account! (attention : The Ad server will go online next week, so you will not be able to diretly set up ads!)

Ok, thats it! A Tutorial on how to setup ads and track them will follow soon! Also do not miss the Adzbuzzer upgrade Offer ad the Adzbuzz VIp offer if you are looking for a passive income!

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