Trident Crypto Fund ICO Airdrop & Adzcoin Bonus

The Trident Fund crypto Index ICO has launched a few days ago., and now, a additional Airdrop event is added as well. If you create your free account inside the Trident Crypto Fund you will recieve 5 TridentTokens worth 3 USd right now!

You can also invite your friends in order to get an additional 5 Tokens send to your balance!

To take advantage, just ensure to sign up here and invite your friends in order to get some more investment tokens!

Click here to Sign Up for Free today! (You even will recieve spillover)

As Exclusive bonus I will add an additional 30 Adzcoin for the first 10 people joining using the link above! Just comment with your Adzcoin wallet address (Needs to be your Web Wallet on Adzbuzz – you have none – create your free account here!)

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