[Update] – Trade Dash, Get Bonus Credits, Make a Passive Income

Today, the two additional pairs are added to the Adzbuzz Exchange. Now you can exchange ADZ into Dash and vice versa and BTC into Dash and vice versa! You still will earn Bonuscredits for trading – See the Whitepaper below! Follow the instructions inside the video below to transfere your ADZ Earnings into the Adzbuzz Exchange to start trading! (But keep on reading as there is more I need to tell you…)

Start Trading Now – Click here!

Adzbuzz Exchange Whitepaper

The Whitepaper about the Adzbuzz Exchange is ready for download, ensure to Click Here to take a look at! Inside you will learn how the exchange will reward traders for trading, and how you can use this to build a passive income!200

 Adzbuzz Marketing Campaign For Publisher/Trader

In just a few days, a new marketing campaign will start to promote the Adzbuzz Publisher Program as well as the Adzbuzz Exchange using several strategies!

  1. Coin Votings – New Coins will be added to the exchange on a regular basis. Each Adzbuzz Member can vote for 1 coin, as soon as this coin is added to the exchange, a member can vote for another coin! The Plan is to promote the Coin Voting Thread inside the forum inside ANN Threads of other Forums in order to get new Members signing up to Adzbuzz! Ensure to vote here for your favorite coin!
  2. A Exchange Landingpage will be added soon, this in combination with the Bonus Credit Feature (Unique worldwide – Read the Whitepaper) lots of traders will start to join Adzbuzz when more coins are added! This will in turn massively increase Ad-Views, the overall trading feess paid to Adzbuzz and so on – all this will increase the ADZ value and members earnings massively in the enxt weeks and months!)
  3. Exchange Referral Program – If you invite your friends to Adzbuzz or the Adzbuzz Exchange, you will earn lifelong affiliate commissions for earnings the generate as well as for trading fees they pay!
  4. Contacting Web Publisher will follow as soon as more community are claimed and already generated an income for the publisher!

Overall, this sounds like a solid plan to promote the Adzbuzz Exchange to traders and crypto enthusiasts, this will generate enough trading volumen to attract other traders, and enough traffic to attract advertisers, blogger and publisher in the next turn!

if you have not already, ensure to sign up to Adzbuzz by clicking here!


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