myMincome ICO Review and Bonus

Welcome to my MyMincome ICO Review! The main goal of MyMIncome is to provide the oppertunity for investors to generate a basic monthly income though investing, arbitrage trading and a lottery giving away 12 Months of income (1Eth each).

The INC Token, used by the MyMincome ICO is valued at 0.05 right now (Starting price) – the price will increase to 0.10 USD when the soft cap is reached! You can view the video below to find out more about this investment oppertunity :

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As mymIncome Investor you can choose to just store your INC Token in order to earn monthly Airdrops (10% at least), or you can put them into a trading pool and earn even more per Months/Week though automated arbitrage trading!

How will myMIncome earn?

There will be a fee for investors substracted from their earnings of 2%. In addition a transaction fee of 1.5% and the lottery – here will be approx. 5% profit for the network!

myMincome Airdrops

Everybody storing his tokens inside the Investor Wallet will earn a monthly Airdrop of 10% of the stored amount!

For those looking for greater returns with greater  risk the myMincome Arbitrage Trading program is the right option. INC Tokens stored inside thsi wallet will be used for arbitrage trading with 5% return per week or 20% return per month!

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myMincome Lottery

After the ICO, the first lottery will be drawn and 12 Eth will be given away to the lucky winner! (All investing inside the ICO will automatically get a ticket.) After the first draw it is possible to buy 1+ of 5000 Tickets for approx. 2 USD each!

myMincome Roadmap and Whitepaper

There is a lot more interesting information about this ICO and investing oppertunity, ensure to take  alook at the Whitepaper and the Roadmap to learn more by Clicking here!

My Exclusive Bonus Offer

Join and invest intothe myMincomeICO today and I will add 10 Adz per 100 INC as Bonus! 1 Adz is worth approx. 0.05 USD right now, so ensure to get in NOW!

Example: if you buy 20000 INC for 1000USD you will recieve 2000 Adzcoin worth approx. 100 USD! in order to recieve your bonus payment, you need to sign up here for the myMincome ICO and using this Link to Adzbuzz (Your Adzcoin Wallet and Exchange)!

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