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In order to secure your Adzcoin Cashback for your purchase, ensure to follow the following steps/rules carefully:

  1. Ensure to clear your browser cookies before you purchase or join any offer!
  2. Ensure to use the Link in the product listing to make your purchase afterwards!
  3. Purchase the product and took a screen shot with your reciept. Remove private data and save it as jpg!
  4. Fill out the form below and ensure to include the following informations : Full Name, Email you used for your purchase, Username (If you created an account), Amount you spend (in USD), Product you purchased, Adzbuzz Wallet Id (Needed to recieve the cashback bonus …. get a Free one by Clicking Here)

Some more rules :

  1. You are not allowed to create a second account to apply for any of our cashback offers! (If its a membership, your account needs to be created using our links). If its not a memberhsip offer, you can apply more than once.
  2. If there is a money back guarantee, the cashback bonus will be paid out after the guarantee period!
  3. Cashback offers will be paid in Adzcoin, except there are other information on the product page!

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