Cryptocurrency Airdrops – Get Cryptocurrency for Free

Welcome to this short but to the point action plan about how to earn your first 100 USD in cryptocurrencies without investing anything! There are many new cryptocurrencies popping up each day, and the most of them are giving away free coins and tokens to help getting their cryptocurrency popular! Keep on reading to discover how to earn free Altcoins without investing too much time or money at all using so called cryptocurrency airdrops!

#1 Cryptocurrency Airdrop vs Bounty campaign

Both are ways to give away Altcoins in order to promote the own project, but they are slightly different! While an Airdrop is a coin or token giveaway, open for everybody a bounty campaign is more targeted to bloggers, social media influencer and so on – its an opportunity to earn coins for blogging, social posting, making videos and so on!

Both are great ways to start with cryptocurrencies, to really earn as “Bounty Hunter” you should have a already active social account, YouTube channel or blog for example! To take advantage of Airdrops, a Twitter account with a few followers is completely fine!

#2 Free Daily Cryptocurrency Airdrops on Adzbuzz

Cryptocurrency Airdrops on AdzbuzzLater on I will show you how to find upcoming cryptocurrency airdrops and Bounty Campaigns, but first lets take a look at the ACT Daily Airdrop on Adzbuzz. Adzbuzz is a social network and content discovery platform paying its members from their earnings, you can read more here!

They have their own cryptocurrency called Adzcoin, directly connected to Ad-views on the social network!

Adzbuzz also uses ERC-20 Token for their community system (You can read more about communities on Adzbuzz here) – each tokenized community has 2 million erc-20 token, all earnings generated by this community will be spread between all token holder on a daily basis, so if you own 1 million token, you will earn a 50% profit share each day (In Adzcoin).

The Daily ACT Token Airdrop – If you create a free account on Adzbuzz, you can claim 100 community token each and every day just for visiting the site and pushing a button! These tokens will start generate a passive income from day one, and you can sell them for money on demand as well!

It takes only a minute to claim your daily ACTs, so do not miss to start here!

  1. Create a Free Adzbuzz Account by Clicking Here!

2. Read the Adzbuzz Community Token Whitepaper by Clicking Here!

Adzbuzz offers a lot more great features and opportunities, so do not miss to take a look

#3 Where to find Crypto Bounty Campaigns and Airdrops

There are many places you can search for in order to find good opportunities to earn some free coins! The first one I would recommend is Twitter, just create an Twitter account and search for “Crypto Airdrops” “Free Coins”, “Free crypto” and so on, I bet Twitter will come up with 100s of different airdrops and bounty campaigns you can join and take part!

If you are looking for bounty campaigns, to earn a serious amount of coins for blogging and so on, I recommend to search Reddit and the big crypto forums for “Bounty Campaign” or new ICOs (Check the new ANN treads for coins giving away free tokens/coins inside their ICOs for promotions!) you can also do a Google search in order to find upcoming and actual ICOs and Bounty campaigns/Airdrops.

Cryptosuite is a paid online service providing lots of tools for cryptocurrency investors, crypto bounty hunter and crypto trader. There is also a new ICO calendar you can use to locate new ICOs providing Airdrops and other ways to earn coins!

Follow the steps below to start participating in new cryptocurrency Airdrops on Twitter (to get started fast and easy).

#4 Twitter Cryptocurrency Airdrop Action Plan

First of all, you need a ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet and a wave wallet (Optional) in order to get and store your free coins. Ensure to care about security and use a strong password to secure your wallets! Also create a free Telegram account and create a new email account especially for crypto airdrops, icos and bounty campaigns!

You will also need your wallet IDs over and over again, so ensure to store them for quick access on your PCs dashboard or inside Robo-form for example!

Now, it is time to create a free Twitter account if you do not have one already, simply head over to twitter and create a free account!

After confirming your email, ensure to follow all Twitter Accounts below to get informed about new Cryptocurrency Airdrops fast and easy. You can join many of them directly on Twitter, just by Retweeting and posting your ERC-20 Address, others require to sign up on their site to create a wallet for their currency/tokens.

For others, you need to join a telegram group (You just need a free telegram account to do so) or fill out a form and create a free account!

Tip: Create a separate Airdrop Email – so you can sign up for every Airdrop, without getting spammed in your private inbox!

Now start following approx. 20 people on twitter per day to build up a following. The best way to do so is to click on Airdrop/Giveaway Tweets with many Retweets or Likes and start following the accounts that retweeted the Tweet – this way you follow active accounts,also interested in Airdrops!

Attention: Do not overdo this as Twitter may close your account if you follow 100s of accounts each day!

This way your Twitter account grows over time, and soon you will be able to earn more using bounty campaigns and contests!

5# How much can you earn With Cryptocurrency Airdrops?

This hard to guess. I earned 100 Mio. Esper a few years ago, and sold them for approx. 0.3 BTC (my fault, if I would have sold them later on or all in the beginning, they were worth more than 10 BTC) – not bad for a simple tweet and forum post, right?

I´m also earning approx. 1-3 Adzcoin per day from several communities on Adzbuzz – thats another 6 – 9 cents per day in passive income generated by Crypto Airdrops!

There are also tokens worth nothing of course, but you never know in advance! Its like a lottery but instead paying a fee, you just send a Tweet on Twitter for example!

You can also use Reddit, Facebook, Youtube and so on in the same or similar ways, but Twitter is by far the fastest way to take advantage of this global development!

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Hope you like this article – if so ensure to share it on Twitter and Facebook or leave your comment to let me know about! Here are the Twitter accounts I like to get informed about #Airdrops :