Easy CFD Trading Strategy for Cryptocurrencies

Watch the video below to learn more about this proven CFD trading strategy you can easy learn and apply to your trading. If you know nothing about trading, I highly recommend to take a look into my guide to currency trading by clicking here – its free and covers all basics you need to know to avoid losses right from the beginning!

A CFD trading strategy is a set of rules or conditions telling the trader when to enter, and when to exit a trade. IN this case, I´m using a price action strategy with trend-lines or moving averages used in the same way like a trend-line! It is a trend following strategy, this means this strategy is made to be traded inside trends and will deliver the best results used this way! Watch the Video below to learn more about my CFD Trading Strategy for beginners…

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(Your capital might be at risk)

Instead of using a trend-line, you can also add a moving average and use it as dynamic trend line. As long as the price is below the MA, its a downtrend, as soon as the price moves above the trend-line, it is a sign for a starting uptrend!

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