Buzzex Exchange Review – Earn daily for Trading Cryptocurrencies

Buzzex is an upcoming crypto currency exchange with some great features and a unique concept, sharing the majority of all trading fees with Buzzex Token (BZX) holder and much more! Ensure to read this blog post for more information about Buzzex, and how it is connected to Adzbuzz, the social network sharing its earnings with active members!

Also take a look inside the video below to see a Buzzex Exchange preview as well as more information about this crypto currency exchange, the earnings potential for investors and Token holder and the many ways to earn free BZX Token for simple tasks!

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Buzzex Exchange Preview

Before I explain how you can benefit from the Buzzex Prelaunch / ICO , and why you really should get Buzzex Milestonessome BZX Token in order to benefit from holding in the future. Lets first have  a short look at the exchange preview as well as the features planned for the Buzzex Crypto-Exchange! Just click on the Pic on the right to zoom in, here are some of the most important features :

  • Advanced Charts including indicators and drawing tools
  • Highly secure platform for fast trade execution
  • Easy Withdraw and Deposit Options
  • Clean and easy to use user interface
  • Get BZX Rewards for Trading activity (Trans-Fee Mining – see below)
  • Get BZX Rewards for Staking BZX in your Desktop Wallet
  • Get Trading Fee Discount for Keeping them in your Buzzex Wallet
  • Earn Daily Dividence by  Holding more than 20.000 BZX inside the Buzzex Wallet!
  • Create a MasterNode for Buzzex Token to get rewarded for every mined block!

This means a high trading activity will lower your fees over time, and even generate a passive income as long as Buzzex exists and has trading volume!  If you take a look at other exchanges like Kucoin, sharing their earnings with their trader, you the high trading volume a small exchange can generate on a daily basis, just imagine getting your daily share for a lifetime!

Take a look at the pictures for the Buzzex Timeline and whats planned in the future!

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Buzzex Tokens Explained

How are they generated

Up to 120 Million BZX will be sold in the Buzzex ICO, overall there are 500 Million BZX as soon as all are mined! BZX are using trans fee mining, this means for every 65 USD trading Volumen on Buzzex you will earn 1 BZX, till all 500 Mil. are mined!

You will also earn 10% of all trans-fee mined BZX from your referrals, if you decide to support the Buzzex Exchange Prelaunch!

The Trans Fee mining will last for 6 months, or till all coins are mined! Afterward, Transaction Fees will be split between Token Holder (80% in 2 different ways) and the Buzzex (20%)!

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BZX Benefits for Investors

If you keep at least 1000 BZX inside your Buzzex Account, you will get a 5% discount on trading fees, if you hold more BZX, the discount will increase till it reaches 100% discount on trading fees (Therefor you need to hold 20.000 BZX inside Buzzex)! In the case you hold more BZX inside Buzzex, you will earn a  daily revenue share from all trading fees! If for example :

1000 BTC are traded per day on average overall 10 Million BZX are held for revenue (Only the BZC above 20.000 are counting, so if you own 20.001 BZX, only 1 BZX will be used to calculate your revenue) each BZX would generate 0.0001 BTC in revenue – So in the case you hold 1000 BZX, you will earn 0.1 BTC per day on average!

Besides this option, you can also earn BZX though stacking and by running a master node, keep on reading to find out more about these opportunities!

The first earnings will be generated after the 6 month trans-fee mining period!

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BZX Staking

If you download the desktop wallet for BZX, and keep your coins inside your wallet over time, you will earn a staking reward! Tip: This is already active, so if you own less than 10.000 BZX, and still want to earn passively, ensure to get the desktop wallet and start staking your BZX! More information on how to do this will follow soon!

BZX Masternodes Explained

Another option if you got a static IP (Or pay a VPS server for example) and you own at least 10.000 BZX is to implement a BZX Master node in order to earn from every mined Block in the blockchain! Check out the picture for some earnings estimates! More Information how to implement a master node will follow on this site soon!

Buzzex Coin Specs

Here are some technical facts about BZX :

  • Initial Supply : 750.000.000
  • Block Size : 2 MB
  • Block Time 60 Seconds
  • Transactions: 154 tx/Sec
  • Mining: Proof of Stake (POS)
  • Block Reward 50 BZX per Block
  • Rewards: 60% master nodes – 20% POS – 20% Governance Protocol
  • Master node Collateral 10,000 BZX

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Several Ways to Support Buzzex

Beside the advantages for investors, Buzzex also runs several Bounty and partner Programs to increase the popularity and reward people for supporting Buzzex! So in the case you have time to invest, ensure to check out the options below to earn some BZX for several tasks :

Buzzex Bounty Campaign

In the ICO, Buzzex runs several bounty campaigns to reward people supporting Buzzex! So if you are active on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, Linkedin or if you are running a blog or website, you can easily earn weekly rewards for your support! Ensure to sign up to Buzzex for more information about their bounty campaign!

Developer Rewards Program

Buzzex gives away 12 Million BZX for programmer and developer running already a blockchain project anything Buzzex or with an interesting idea working with Buzzex. So if you are interested in working as Buzzex partner, ensure to click here to find out more!

Global Ambassador For Buzzex

If you are interested in representing Buzzex in your country, while you care about the support and marketing for your country, you may want to apply for the Global Ambassador program from Buzzex (I did already). If you are chosen as representant for your country, you will earn 10.000 BZX per month, for a 2 year period. Afterward, you may get the chance to join the permanent Buzzex Team if you want to (In this case you will be paid not in BZX)!

Ensure to bookmark my site in order to get more information about Buzzex and how to earn free BZX for simple tasks. I will add more posts and information in the next days and weeks!

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