Kucoin Review – New Crypto-Currency Exchange

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Welcome to our Kucoin Review! With the rise of the cryptocurrency market, especially of the Bitcoin, during 2017, many cryptocurrency exchanges have been being launched. One of the most recent ones and one that has been experiencing more success is the Kucoin exchange.

Click here to open a  free account! (Trading always involvs a certain amount of risk!)

Our Kucoin Review

Kucoin reviewBased in Hong Kong, the Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange was launched just in September of 2017 and it is already a success. And this is due to many features they have they make them rather unique in the cryptocurrency world. This was our primary reason to write this unbiased Kucoin review.

After spending some time looking at the Kucoin website, we are now able to write a detailed Kucoin review about what you can exactly expect from them.

Click here to open a  free account! (Trading always involvs a certain amount of risk!)

One of the major differences between Kucoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges is that they only operate on a crypto-to-crypto basis. So, if you are about to start trading, you may want to buy some cryptocurrencies before and then make your initial deposit with them.

Talking about deposits, you need to know that all crypto deposits are free of charge. However, and even though you need to pay a fee for both withdrawals and transactions, the reality is that their fees almost seem like a joke when compared with other cryptocurrency exchanges. They just couldn’t be more competitive and this gives Kucoin a great advantage to get more and more clients.

Kucoin Cryptoexchange

Kucoin Features

Ever since it was launched in mid-September, Kucoin has always been on top of the new cryptocurrencies that are being launched on the market. Up to this moment, they allow you to trade about 80 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, among others, including their own token KCS (Kucoin Shares).

One of the things that you can count on if you decide to trade with Kucoin is that you’ll be able to use their amazing advanced charting package that is powered by TradingView, a third-party website. While at the moment they don’t have any app, the truth is that they already have the beta version for both iOS and Android.

In case you want to open an account with Kucoin, it couldn’t be any more simple. You just create an account and verify your email address. As soon as you have done this, you can go ahead and transfer the funds to your account to start trading. No further verification is needed.

Click here to open a  free account! (Trading always involvs a certain amount of risk!)

Kucoin Advantages

Below are the most interesting Kucoin features and advantages :

  • Low Fees – Easy Deposit and Withdraw Options!
  • Great Charting System with Indicator, Fibonacci and many more tools!
  • KuCoin Bonus Program – Get rewarded for trading and more…
  • Kucoin investing – Store Kucoin inside the Wallet and earn daily interest on their earnings!
  • Clean and easy to use design!
  • Many more…..

Click here to open a  free account! (Trading always involvs a certain amount of risk!)

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