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[Update] Adzbuzz Exchange and Buyback Program

Information regarding ADZbuzz Exchange, Buyback Program as well as even more

Hey every person, I´m certain you really feeling energised as the last couple of days are revealing exactly what individuals are waiting to see for a long time, a boost in in the ADZ price!

Adzbuzz Exchange ExampleDespite the fact that our initiatives were not mirrored in ADZcoin price till couple of days previously, we were (are and also will certainly) continually helping the success of Adzcoin and Adzbuzz. The upcomming Adzcoin Exchange will offer the ability to directly Sell and Buy Adzcoin on Adzbuzz, and in the following days and weeks other cryptocurrencies will be added!

Given that the exchange is extremely close to release therefore the Adzcoin Buyback Program will start, and it is almost sure that this will have a great impakt on the Adzcoin Value.

Read more about this Update on the Forum here!

Compehensive Guide to Bitcoin and Altcoins
Learn all you need to know about Bitcoin, Adzcoin and other crypto-currencies! Discover how to use, buy, sell and trade them!
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[New ICO] – Announces Own Cryptocurrency

Today, starts its initial coin offer for their new crypto currency connected to the binary options broker plattform! Ensure to watch the hort video below to learn more about this ICO :

Join to learn more about this ICO! (Risk Warning – If you trade at,. keep in mind that trading always involves a high amount of risk!) is a well known and popular broker for binary options, providing many features and benefits for traders including many assets to trade, a professional chart system, many different expiration times and option forms and much more!

As Token Owner, you will become a kind of steakholder for, inkluding regular payments depending on their earnings and profits! In addition you can choose to exchange your tokens into real shares of later on too!

In the initial offering you will gt the binary tokens for a much lower price than their expected value, so do not wait to get your share of!

In order to take advantage, you need to have a real account, you can get one using the link below if you want to benefit from this oppertunity!

Join to learn more about this ICO! (Risk Warning – If you trade at,. keep in mind that trading always involves a high amount of risk!)

Attention: Trading involves a certain amount of risk, only trade with money you can affort to loose!

Crypto Investing Pro Review

Welcome to my Crypto Investing pro review! Ensure to read this page carefully to learn more about this investing training and my experience!

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From past few months I was planning to invest in cryptocurrency but due to lesser knowledge about the online trading system, it was quite difficult to start for me. So, I started searching for a learning platform or professional that can guide me to this investment system so that I can also step ahead towards a bright future.

After going to several websites, finally, I found “Crypto Investing Pro”- an online course for learning the essential information related to cryptocurrency and different ways to make profits out of it.

It appeared like the best trading companion for me and helped to find the best path for my journey ahead with cryptocurrency. Now, it has been more than 8 months for me when I started investing in the digital world and after finding the amazing growth opportunities all around I am today here to share my thoughts with this Crypto Investing Pro Review.

If you are a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency like me then it is good to take help from this trusted tool; find some time to read below to know how it works.

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My Experience with Crypto Investing Pro

After going through several options, I finally trusted this product because it is developed by an experienced entrepreneur and investor, Alex Fortin. I have also gone through his several video tutorials about cryptocurrency on YouTube to gain insights about the world of trading.

Also, my search results helped me to know that Fortin has also taught several courses related to the crypto community on the popular online education platform Udemy. All these positive reviews made me trust more on Crypto Investing Pro course.

When I purchased this course, these professionals provided me 40 instructional videos with detailing information about cryptocurrency. These videos not only reveal the work process of cryptocurrency rather it also determines details about its future potential.

With time, I was able to understand the way to invest in cryptocurrency in most beneficial manner. The great news for beginners is that Fortin has clearly discussed the best ways to minimize risks and maximize profits in the trading world.

I found these videos and instructions much easier to understand and further, all my doubts were solved by the interesting eBook included in the package. I feel this is the best online course on cryptocurrency for all those who are interested to make money online. Stats reveal the potential of cryptocurrency for coming future and Fortin has made it quite easier for beginners to take benefits from crypto investments.

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Crypto Investing Pro is a solid guide with detailed explanations about investments in the world of cryptocurrency. This learning program is available at fit to budget price and it works like a straightforward guide for investors.

If you want to lead a secure future by investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrency then it is good to join this course fast. It provided a great help in the direction of my dreams and the added bonuses made it the more beneficial choice for me.

I would definitely love to recommend this course to everyone who wants to succeed in the world of cryptocurrency and after all, with 100% money back guarantee, there is no risk in this investment.

My Crypto Investing Pro ADZcoin Bonus

IF you decide to purchase Crypto Investing Pro from this Link I will add 25 USD in Adzcoin as exclusive  Bonus for your purchase! Simply follow the instructions outlined here!

With 25 USD in Adzcoin (Check the actual Adzcoin price here or read this article to find out why Adzcoin is  a great investment)

BTC Robot 2.0 Review & Bonus – Bitcoin Robot Review 2017

Welcome to my BTC Robot 2.0 Review! In this review I will tell you about my experience with this trading software and how to use it properly! Bitcoin Trading is  a hot topic these days, keep on reading to find out if the BTC Robot 2.0 delivers what he promised! Watch this short video to find out more about the BTC Robot 2.0!

How does the BTC Robot Work?

Click here to Find out more about this Bitcoin Trading Robot!

The BTC Robot is in fact a trading system designed to trade bitcoins using the Metatrader 4 Trading platform provided by the most forex and cfd brokers out there! So you need a funded broker account in order to start trading bitcoins and using the bitcoin trading robot V2! After you have installed the metatrader 4 trading software from your favorite broker (See below for a list of broker I´m using), its time to install the BTC Robot 2.0 Software!

BTC Robot 2.0 installation and Usage!

watch this video to learn how to use it (you will find it inside the membersarea as well!)

Does the BTC Robot 2.0 Really Work?

In fact, there is never a guarantee in trading that you will make a profit. In my test, the bitcoin robot generated an overall profit, and its running still! There is also a  60 days money back guarantee, so there is no reason not to try it using a forex demoaccount provided by almost all forex broker without cost! Why not try it yourself and simply see that its working like promised?
BTC Robot 2.0 Results

How to test the BTC Trading Robot without Risk?

Like mentioned above its not a problem to testdrive the BTC Robot 2.0 without any risk. Simply click here and get the silver plan for just 19.90 USD per month. Afterwards choose one broker from the following list anBTC Robot Review 2017d open a free demo account! (Your capital might be at risk!) – One of my favorite forex and cfd broker also providing bitcoin and litecoin trading! (Tip: here is a LTC Trading Robot too) They offer a free demo account as well!
There are many more broker, the one above is my favorite broker I´m using on a regular basis!
Install the Metatrader 4 Platform on your PC, and the BTC Robot 2.0 afterwards following their tutorial! Ensure to connect the MT4 platform to your demo trading account!
Start the BTC Robot afterwards following the instructions and let it run for a few days or weeks! Remember to check your stats from time to time, I´m sure you will be amazed by the results!
In the case you don´t like the btc robot, its no problem to get a refund for the first 60 days of your purchase! You see, as long as you are using a demo trading account, there is absolutly no risk trying this trading robot!
Tip: You can use a trading VPS in the case that you want to use it in the long term, this way you don´t need to keep your PC running all the time! Click here to find out more about the best trading VPS i came accross sofar!

My BTC Robot 2.0 Experience

In my experience, the bitcoin robot is worth every single penny, as long as  you got at least 500 – 1000 USD to trade using this robot! Anyway, I suggest to check the results at least on a weekly basis in order to avoid outtimes and other problems!
Take a look at this picture to see what others say about the Bitcoin Robot 2.0 :
BTC Robot 2.0 review 2017

BTC Robot 2.0 Exclusive ADZcoin Bonus

As exclusive BTC Robot bonus for my readers I offer a 30% Adzcoin bonus for your first month (after the refund period), meaning if you get a silver plan for approx. 20 USD per month, you will get 6 USD in ADZ after 60 days! If you purchase a platinum plan for one year, you will get 30% in Adzcoin as well = 399USD * 0.3 = approx. 120 USD in ADZ for your purchase! Follow the steps below to secure your bonus for your BTC Robot 2.0 purchase:
  1. Delete your browser cookies!
  2. Get the BTC Robot 2.0 using this link!
  3. Send me your reciepe using this contact form – do not miss to add your Adzcoin wallet ID (Get one here if you got none).
  4. After the moneyback gurantee I will send you your ADZcoin Bonus amount to your Adzbuzz Wallet!

Builderall Internet Marketing Platform Review

Builderall internet marketing from the inside

Welcome to my Builderall Internet Marketing Platform Review! With more and more websites being developed every day, you want to make sure that yours stand out. This is not only a matter of adding more bells and whistles. Is about having the right business model implemented with a beautiful design on the front that is able to attract your targeted audience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Builderall Internet Marketing Program Now…Click Here!

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Benefits of beeing an Adzbuzz Publisher

If you are a blogger or website owner you will have noticed a decrease in earnings coursed by the increased usage of adblocking software and plugins! As you will know isn´t it free to run a blog or website, not thinking about the work you have to put into before you even see the first income!

Well, today I want to tell you about the Adzbuzz Publisher program, designed to help website owner and web publisher to monetize their content without the usage of annoying advertisments, popups and so on! Just watch this video in order to find out how it works in detail :

Benefits of beeing a Adzbuzz Publisher (Not talking about the advantages of beeing a member of Adzbuzz or even the VIP Upgrade)

  • Get paid from the Adzbuzz Revenue in relation to your website traffic and other metrics! More website visitors will let you earn more!
  • Add the Adzbuzz Sharing Button so your website visitors can easily share your content on Adzbuzz & Vote for it! This ill get you some extra traffic as well as more Publisher Rewards!
  • Post your new content to the Adzbuzz Voting Section in order to get Votes and massive traffic from the Adzbuzz homepage!

Sign Up to Adzbuzz and become an Adzbuzz Publisher…Click here!

Does it Really Pay to be an Adzbuzz Publisher?

I cant tell you how the future will be, but by now, in the first 5 Days of beeing active, I already earned approx. 20 USD from this site only, with about 200 visitors overall!

Adzbuzz Publisher Tutorial

Publisher get paid in Adzcoin, depending on the Adzbuzz earnings and some other metrics including your website traffic! The revenue is generated by several income streams, Adzbuzz Services, the VIP Offer, Adzbuzz Savers are just a few of them!

How to Apply for The Adzlink and Publisher System

Its not hard to become an Adzbuzz Publisher, all you ahve to do to get started is to ad the Adzlink to your website! If you are using your own WordPress installation, you can simply use the Adzlink Wp Plugin to add the required piece of code to your website!

If you are using another system to run your website, you can just copy and past 2 codesnipplets into your websites sourcecode to add the Adzlink to your site!

Just visit this link after you are logged into Adzbuzz and choose the best option for your needs!

Create a Free Publisher Account at Adzbuzz…Click here!

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Adzbuzz Buzzer Upgrade – Earn a Passive Income

The Profit-share Concept behind Adzbuzz explained

Adzbuzz shares the majority fo its Adzbuzz is income with its members ins everal ways! Approx. 10% are given away for social activity and loin bonuses to all members, another part is used to pay the Buzzer Ugrade (can be compared to an adpack, but not really, read on) profits, the VIP package earnings, webmasters using the Adzbuzzer Sharing button and the 10% referral commissions! So  you see you already can earn on Adzbuzz as free member for beeing active, but if you want to really skyrocked your earnings i highly recommend to get one or more Buzzer Upgrades!

Depending on the package level, you will earn a profit between 5 – 30% in addition to your initial investment, hereare some of the advantages :

  1. Get paid daily till you hit the full cashback balance!
  2. You Initial investment is directly paid to your cashbackbalance! This means you are in profit from day !
  3. Earn 5 – 30% profit depending on your Investment!
  4. No risk involved as you can get back your initial investment whenever you like! (but you will lose your profits)
  5. Purchase higher packages to post more content on Adzbuzz!
  6. Your invested money will never be used to pay other members!

After you buy a Buzzer Upgrade, your initial investment will be stored seperatly and will not be touched by anybody, its also direcly added to your cashback balance! From day 1 on you will get your daily profitshare paid to the cashback balance, this means you are in profit from day one!

If you like the idea, ensure to sign up for free at Adzbuzz by clicking here!

So you see, its not really compareable to normal revshare sites like MAPS as it offers some unique advantages! Here are the income sources Adzbuzz will use to payout members :

This profit is generated from several sources :
• ADZ Payment Processor
• ADZbuzz Marketplace (Still in beta)
• ADZbuzz Web Wallet
• ADZ Coin Cashback + Extension (Still in development)
• ADZbuzz VIP offer
• Lifelong ADZbuzz Traffic Offer (Still in development)
• ADZbuzz Ad Server (Still in development)
• Notification Bar Ad Packages (Still in development)
• ADZbuzz Forum VIP Offer (Still in development)
• Solo Ad Mailings (Still in development)
• Group / Page Suggestion Ads (Still in development)
• ADZbuzzer Social Share Feature (Still in development)
• ADZbuzz YouTube/forum API (Still in development)

The payments will directly connected to the company earnings and will be calculated each day, so more company earnings will lead to faster repayments! (This process will be automated completely soon)

If you like the idea, ensure to sign up for free at Adzbuzz by clicking here!

But even better, you can access your initial investment whenever you like, but in the case you use this option before the whole cashback amount is reached, you will loose your cashback profits! (anyway, if needed, you can get your money back ASAP)

More benefits as upgraded member:

Find friends and promote your business oppertunity on Adzbuzz!
Add the Adzbuzzer Sharing api to your website or blog to get paid daily and for every share your visitors perform!
Earn 10% referal commissions for every purchase and action your referal fullfills!

If you like the idea, ensure to sign up for free at Adzbuzz by clicking here!

One important thing to know is, that all cashback amounts and products are paid in Adzcoin, the crypto currency dedicated to Adzbuzz and the whole network of sites!

Adz are relative cheap at this moment, as its just launching to the puplic, but they already are worth something between 0.015 – 0.025 USD. As more and more people are storing their adz in cashback upgrades, the value of adz is rising now and in the future! The usage of this crypto currency may seem complicated for others,but its in fact realitvely easy to use, and offers some benefits as the value will increase massively in the near future as more andmore people are using Adzcoin and more services are accepting Adzcoin!

Welcome to Adzvault!

Welcome here at Adzvault! Adzvault ist the Adzcoin based webshop for digital products! Adzcoin is the new crypto currency directly connected to Adzbuzz, the social network paying its members and web publishers for beeing active, sharing and valuable content! Click here to learn more about Adzbuzz and how to earn free Adzcoin you can sue to purchase products here for example!

Adzcoin solves the Adblock problem as it rewards useful content without the need to show advertisments! This way webmasters can earn money without the need to distract their visitors with annoying ads! “Normal” internet users can earn Adzcoin on Adzbuzz and though the Adzbuzz Savings Browser Extention for example!  More about the entire concept will follow soon!

Here at Adzvault you will find several digital products you can buy for bitcoin and Adzcoin, as well as some Adzcoin/Bitcoin Cashback offers! In our Adzvault Blog you will find additional information and news about Adzcoin and the Blockchain Technology, as well as detailed Tutorials related to Adzcoin and Bitcoin!

In the next few days we will add the option to get your own products listed at our shop and we will also integrate an affiliate program as well as social sharing reward system! If you are interested to get your product listed here, ensure to use this contact form here!