Adzbuzz Service Market – Fiverrlike Marketplace

If you are working as Blogger, Website owner, designer,w riter or anything else, you may have heared about Fiverr! I started to use Fiverr 5 years ago or even longer, and I invested 1000s of USD into Fiverr Gigs, just to show you the potential of this kind of site!

The Adzbuzz Service Market is a fiverrlike marketplace connected to Adzbuzz, the social network for siteowner, blogger and people interested in useful and interesting content.  Watch this short Video about the Adzbuzz Service Market for more information :

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Adzbuzz is sharing its income with its members, and will do so with the income generated by this site too! Lets have a look at the different ways to benefit from the Adzbuzz Service Market :

Selling your Service

IF you are already a fiverr seller, or offering any kind of online service, why not increase your reach by posting your offer at the new Adzbuzz Service Market? There is absolutly no risk and it is totally free!

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Adzbuzz is a fast growing social network with already 10000s of active blogger and webmaster as members, for the most services the best audience!

Get Things Done

If you are in need for something, why not take a look at the Adzbuzz Service Market in order to get your problem solved fast and uncomplicated! In fact there is no big difference to Fiverr, except that you will massively help Adzbuzz and the whole concept becomes a success! Of course, if you are active inside Adzbuzz, or using the Publisher Program, you will earn indirectly from your purchase!

Blogger and Website Owner

If you are running a website, email list or blog, you can easily earn a recurring income by promoting the Adzbuzz Service Market to your audience! There are many angles you can use for promotion and you will earn on every purchase done by your referrals! IN addition, you will also earn from other sources, as your referal is directly tierd to your Adzbuzz Account!

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ADZ Buyback Program

All site earnings are used to purchase ADZcoin on official exchanges in order to distribute them to Adzbuzz Members! This ensures a stabile ADZ value and will even trigger an increase if the site userbase grows!

How to use Adzbuzz Service Market

In fact, this site works exactly like Fiverr! At this moment, it accepts only Paypal Payments, but BTC payments will follow soon! (If I´m right are ADZ payments not accepted to be able to buy ADZ on exchanges). A tutorial for both, buying and selling gigs will follow soon on this website!

Ensure to open your account NOW in order to start building your reputation and start selling yoru Ggs to a wider audience!