Adzbuzz Exchange – Buy and Sell BTC and Altcoins Easily

Since yesterday, Adzbuzz is providing access to the new Adzbuzz Exchange! For the beginning, only one pair (ADZ/BTC) can be traded to test the funcionality and find bugs. after this testing phase more currency pairs will be added to offer a wide range of tradeable assets!

For now, the Adzbuzz Exchange only offers the nessesary features to buy and sell Adzcoin for Bitcoin and vise versa! Soon the Adzbuzz Ad Credits will be tradeable too! All fees are used to buyback Adzcoin and distribute them to members.

Adzbuzz Exchange Advantages

For now, the biggest advantage is the Bonusprogram. You will get Bonuspoints for each trade equall to the fee paid to Adzbuzz! You can find these Points inside your bonus wallet!

For now, the Adzbuzz exchange won´t make  a big difference, except in the Adz Value, this has doubled already since the announcement! As soon as more pairs are added, the exchange income will increase massively and the earnings for members as well!

Ensure to take a look at the new Adz Exchange by clicking here, if you do not already have an Adzbuzz account, ensure to sign up for free here!

With the new Exchange, Adzbuzz took another milestone in its masterplan, ensure to read more about Adzcoin and Adzbuzz here!

How to Trade with Success?

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