Adzcoin as Investment – Benefits & Risks

Is Adzcoin (ADZ) a good investment in the long term? in this post I will show you why ADZ will most likely rise in the near future! Ensure to watch the short video below or read my article below the video!

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Thanks for watching this short Video about Adzcoin as Investment, In order to ensure that you got the important points, I´ve lsited them once again below!

Adzcoin is a cryptocurrency directly associated with Adzbuzz, a fast growing social network! All Adzbuzz profits are exchanged into Adzcoin, and the majority is paid out to members in different ways!

The Real Value behind Adzcoin!

While bitcoin and other crypto currencies are not backed up by a real value, is Adzcoin backed up by all ad-views generated by Adzbuzz!

This means each ADZ equals a specific amount of Adviews per day! :

Daily Adzbuzz Ad-views / Actual Amount of Adzcoin (Mined ADZ – Burned ADZ)

This means, each ADZ owner can use this to get free, lifelong advertising on Adzbuzz!

Factors Making ADZcoin an Intersting Investment

  • More Services and Sites = More ADZ will be bought – Higher Demand = More Value
  • More users = More Ad Views per day and ADZ
  • A part of the income will be burned – this means the amount of ADZ will decrease over time (While the demand rises)!
  • More popularity will lead to more sites and services accepting ADZ

DFY Advertising – Make Money While you Sleep!

Each ADZ equals to a specific amount of ad views on Adzbuzz!

The problem is = Not everybody knows how to use advertising, or what to advertise! For those the DFY Advertising program offers a way to make some extra cash, without any risk or work involved!

For each ADZ you store inside the DFY Wallet, a professional team will use the ad views to promote high quality products and services! All commisions are added up and spread between all people storing ADZ inside the DFY Ad Wallet!

This leads to a daily profit you get just for storing your ADZ on ADzbuzz!

Is Adzcoin a smart investment?

There is no guarantee that ADZ will rise the next month and weeks, but there are many good reasons!

One main aspect why its not a bad investment is the Risk/reward ratio! Think about other crypto currencies like BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC and so on…. many of them increased their value by 100%, 500% 1000% or more!

Adzcoin is at approx. 0,03 – 0,04 USD at this moment, why not get some adz, and store them for a while! Just think about ADZ would reach 0.20 USD (I´ve seen much bigger moves) in a few weeks. And lets say you invest 100 USD =

100 USD / 0,03USD/ADZ = 3333 ADZ

This means = 3333ADZ x 0,20USD per ADZ = 666 USD Return

I´m sure you can see the portential!

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