Adzbuzz & Adzcoin Review

Hello and welcome to my Adzbuzz Review! This one is quite new and a little complicated, and I’ve had a few questions, so I thought I’d try to explain it all in big picture terms…

Adzbuzz is a social & business network platform for people involved in marketing, crypto currencies, make money online or just looking for interesting content all over the web.

It offers the same features, functions and tools that most other social network platforms offer. It is open to anyone… and it just started its beta phase. Beside following your favorite sites, Adzbuzz makes it easy for you to earn your starting capital to start investing in cryptocurrencies! Adzbuzz offers several ways to earn Adzcoin, the network based cryptocurrency adzbuzz uses to distribute a hughe percentage of its earnings to all active users in many different ways! Lets take a look at the free ways to earn on Adzbuzz :

  1. As Active Member – As active member, you will earn 100 ADC Token once a day for logging into Adzbuzz. these tokens can later on be used to buy community tokens and extend your earnings (See below in this Adzbuzz Review!).  You will also earn for inviting your friends and for using the Adzbuzz Crypto Exchange!
  2. As Blogger / Publisher – If you already have a blog, you can easily add the Adzbuzz publisher code to your website to earn passively from your Traffic! Take a look at the littel bee icon on the site of this page, this little icon alone on this website earns me a few Adzcoin per day (Enough for hosting of course)! Tip: if you do not run a website, why not start right away! You can start a free blog on Adzbuzz and earn publisher revenue almost instantly, watch this video to learn how!)
  3. As Community Owner on Adzbuzz – Adzbuzz communities are similar to facebook Groups but always related to a specific Website! 50% of the earnings generated by a website will be earned by the community owner on Adzbuzz for a lifetime! The earnings are depending on the website traffic and the community activity, and of course on the overall Adzbuzz earnings (All income streams here are revenue share, this means if Adzbuzz makes more money, you will too!) Communities can be bought with Paypal (Removed in 2 Weeks), with BTC, ETH, ADZcoin and with bonus credits (Trading Fees on the Adzbuzz Exchange will be credited to your bonus wallet and can also be used to buy communitiy Tokens). Over all, this can add up to a growing, recurring income just for doing nothing (Except logging in and using the exchange)!
  4. DFY Advertising – If you decide to exchange your earnings into Advertising Credits, you can use the free advertising option, or the Done for YOu Advertising program to earna  daily interest on your Adcredits in Adzcoin!
  5. Adzbuzz Gold Membership – As Adzbuzz Gold Member, you will earn more daily and of course you will get a whole lot more great features and benefits, read more here about it!
  6. Invite Your Friends – Invite your family and friends and earn a10% of their earnings for a lifetime!
  7. Daily Revenue Share from Adzbuzz – As long as you are an active member, with at least 1 referral or Gold Members Status, you will also get a daily revenue share from Adzbuzz!

How to Start Earning on Adzbuzz?

Follow the Steps outlined in this Adzbuzz Review below to make your first Adzcoin by tomorrow. Keep on reading to learn how to maximze your Adzcoin earnings, turn them into a recurring income and earn your starting capital to invest in other programs afterwards to increase your daily earnings as well as diversification!



Step 1. Register at Adzbuzz

This is oof course the first step you ghave to take! Simply click here and create your free Adzbuzz Account in just a few seconds from now! Ensure to choose a safe password as Adzbuzz will also be your online Wallet for your Adzcoin earnings! Fill out your profile with all the neccessary information and start looking around a bit!

Step 2. Exchange your Daily Bonus

To take advantage of the daily log in bonus you need to exchange it into community shares eacha nd every day. So ensure to log into Adzbuzz daily and click on the “Own a  Community” Link in the left side menu! Click on the menu icon in the top left to open it after logging into Adzbuzz -> Click on “Communties” afterwards, now you should see the “Own a Community” Link! Click on it and choose a community, click on “Claim” and choose the Adzbuzz Bonus Token to claim your share! Afterwards you will get the Community Tokens (running on the Eth blockchain) send to your wallet, as long as they stay there, you will earn your daily community revenue share in Adzcoin!

So log in and apply the login bonus a few times, and you already earn a passive, recurring income on Adzbuzz!

Step 3. Earn more Adzcoin as Publisher

If you already runa  website, a personal blog or anything, you can easily make some additional Adzcoin by adding a little piece of code to your website! If you have no website by now, no problem, why not start your own blog on Adzbuzz to earn as Adzbuzz Publisher, while you can blog about anything yu wish? Watch the short video below to find out how to set it up :

Ensure to share your blog with your friends and post interesting content on a regular basis (2-4 times per week would be perfect)! You can also share your blog on Facebook, Adzbuzz, Twitter, IBOsocial and all other social networks you are using!

Step 4. Tell Everyone You Know About It!

Now you’re active, get busy and get the word out. This is going to be huge so this is your chance to get in on the ground floor just by bringing in other interested people… it’s totally free so you aren’t selling them anything and you still will earn for a lifetime from them in many ways!

If you just bring one friend to Adzbuzz, you already qualify for the Membrs Earnigns Revshare pool. You will also earn 50% of their bonus credits generated by trading on the Adzbuzz Exchange, and 10% of their Adzcoin earnings!

Obviously it is a very young social network with some amazing features and several streams of income so it should not be too ahrd to bring people to Adzbuzz and build a growing downline! You can also contact your contacts on Adzbuzz though a messaging system to tell them more about yourself, your oppertunity or whatever you like!

OK, I hope that makes some sort of sense… if not, please just take a few minutes to register below and look it over. There should be additional information available by now and you should see the potential here if you get in early…

The way I see it, it’s zero risk… just a little bit of time to register and tell a few friends and family… and massive potential reward if they start backing a few new crypto winners.

Sign up @ ADZbuzz for Free Today!

Step #5 – Use Adzbuzz Exchange and Earn Bonus Credits

After 30 days you can access your first earnings (they are held for 30 days to avoid fraud), now ensure to send them to your Adzbuzz Exchange ADZ wallet! Click on Exchange in the top menu, choose wallets from the dropdown menu, and click on deposit for the Adz wallet! Attention: Ensure to use the Adzcoin wallet or your sended funds will be lost forever!

Now you can sell them for BTC or Eth for example, or you can buy community tokens to further extend your daily earnings! The trading fee will be added to your bonus balance, which can be used to get more community shares too!

Well, there are many more methods and tricks to further extend your Adzcoin earnings, sign up here to get the full Adzcoin earnings Blueprint completely free!