New Adzbuzz Features – Daily Login Bonus and More….

There were many changes and updates on Adzbuzz the last few days and weeks, lets have a look at the most important ones :

1. Daily Login Bonus – Log in Daily and get your 100 Adzbuzz Community Tokens you can use to own a part of a tokenized community (You can read more about this by clicking here ) ! Owning these tokens will generate a daily profit share from all community earnings!
2. Bonus Credits – If you exchange your earnings on the Adzbuzz Exchange you will get bonus credits equall to the trading fee you can use to acquire non tokenized community shares! (You can also send cryptos from the outside of Adzbuzz if you want!)
3. Gold Members Referral Distribution has started, so ensure to become Gold and get Free Referrals send to your account!
4. New User interface – The User interface, the wallet and much more is now optimized and much ebtter to use, ensure to browse around a bit to see it in action!
5. Much more – I recommend to take a look in the forum and the Adzbuzz lounge to learn more about the recent update!

Remember to claim your free community tokens every day to build a growing passive income over time! You can also sell these tokens afterwards if you need money on demand.

Advanced Tip: Send your earnings or some BTC to your Adzbuzz Exchange Wallet in order to buy community tokens for ADZ, BTC or DSH. The first 1 mio tokens will be damn cheap so I recommend to by them, and sell them for double the price afterwards!

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