Adzbuzz Buzzer Upgrade – Earn a Passive Income

The Profit-share Concept behind Adzbuzz explained

Adzbuzz shares the majority fo its Adzbuzz is income with its members ins everal ways! Approx. 10% are given away for social activity and loin bonuses to all members, another part is used to pay the Buzzer Ugrade (can be compared to an adpack, but not really, read on) profits, the VIP package earnings, webmasters using the Adzbuzzer Sharing button and the 10% referral commissions! So  you see you already can earn on Adzbuzz as free member for beeing active, but if you want to really skyrocked your earnings i highly recommend to get one or more Buzzer Upgrades!

Depending on the package level, you will earn a profit between 5 – 30% in addition to your initial investment, hereare some of the advantages :

  1. Get paid daily till you hit the full cashback balance!
  2. You Initial investment is directly paid to your cashbackbalance! This means you are in profit from day !
  3. Earn 5 – 30% profit depending on your Investment!
  4. No risk involved as you can get back your initial investment whenever you like! (but you will lose your profits)
  5. Purchase higher packages to post more content on Adzbuzz!
  6. Your invested money will never be used to pay other members!

After you buy a Buzzer Upgrade, your initial investment will be stored seperatly and will not be touched by anybody, its also direcly added to your cashback balance! From day 1 on you will get your daily profitshare paid to the cashback balance, this means you are in profit from day one!

If you like the idea, ensure to sign up for free at Adzbuzz by clicking here!

So you see, its not really compareable to normal revshare sites like MAPS as it offers some unique advantages! Here are the income sources Adzbuzz will use to payout members :

This profit is generated from several sources :
• ADZ Payment Processor
• ADZbuzz Marketplace (Still in beta)
• ADZbuzz Web Wallet
• ADZ Coin Cashback + Extension (Still in development)
• ADZbuzz VIP offer
• Lifelong ADZbuzz Traffic Offer (Still in development)
• ADZbuzz Ad Server (Still in development)
• Notification Bar Ad Packages (Still in development)
• ADZbuzz Forum VIP Offer (Still in development)
• Solo Ad Mailings (Still in development)
• Group / Page Suggestion Ads (Still in development)
• ADZbuzzer Social Share Feature (Still in development)
• ADZbuzz YouTube/forum API (Still in development)

The payments will directly connected to the company earnings and will be calculated each day, so more company earnings will lead to faster repayments! (This process will be automated completely soon)

If you like the idea, ensure to sign up for free at Adzbuzz by clicking here!

But even better, you can access your initial investment whenever you like, but in the case you use this option before the whole cashback amount is reached, you will loose your cashback profits! (anyway, if needed, you can get your money back ASAP)

More benefits as upgraded member:

Find friends and promote your business oppertunity on Adzbuzz!
Add the Adzbuzzer Sharing api to your website or blog to get paid daily and for every share your visitors perform!
Earn 10% referal commissions for every purchase and action your referal fullfills!

If you like the idea, ensure to sign up for free at Adzbuzz by clicking here!

One important thing to know is, that all cashback amounts and products are paid in Adzcoin, the crypto currency dedicated to Adzbuzz and the whole network of sites!

Adz are relative cheap at this moment, as its just launching to the puplic, but they already are worth something between 0.015 – 0.025 USD. As more and more people are storing their adz in cashback upgrades, the value of adz is rising now and in the future! The usage of this crypto currency may seem complicated for others,but its in fact realitvely easy to use, and offers some benefits as the value will increase massively in the near future as more andmore people are using Adzcoin and more services are accepting Adzcoin!

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